Axial Passes Electric Fleet Milestone

Axial today announced it has reached the milestone of achieving a 100% EV company car fleet. Following continued expansion and a new successful partnership with Lex Autolease, Axial have been able to transition all company vehicles to cleaner more sustainable electric and remove older diesel vehicles from the road. This step has been undertaken to meet our internal sustainability mission, and to align with the wider Rail Industry objective of moving away from carbon creating fossil fuels to greener alternatives.

Director Fin Burke said: “Reducing our carbon footprint is extremely important to us and our clients. We are always looking at ways in which we can make a difference and be a more sustainable business. We are delighted by the enthusiastic uptake in electric vehicles by our team. It is a win-win, they are helping the environment as well as reducing their own motoring costs. As the business continues to grow we will routinely evaluate possible adoption of the most eco-friendly solutions for all our energy requirements”