Programme Management

Programme Management

Successfully Navigate Complex Rail-industry Projects

Whether you need support at a strategic or project delivery level, we deliver a range of programme management services that ensure maximum productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Our Programme Management Services Cover:

Construction Integration
We are rail specialists, our planners have decades of experience planning and integrating construction works. We are developing our AxiPlan software into a holistic platform to automate this process.

Project planning and controls
Our planners are multi-skilled, we have great experience in the use of project planning software such as Primavera, Primavera Risk Analysis and TILOS. All our planners have rail site experience to underpin their planning skills.

Access planning
Our planners are fully acquainted with possession planning systems and the practical integration of the construction plan into an access regime and vice versa.

Delivering On Time and On Budget

We understand that multi-disciplinary projects are becoming increasingly difficult to deliver to time and budget.

However, our services provide clear, thorough and efficient programme management to overcome the following challenges:

Constrained programme timescales

Driven by unrealistic productivity projections and poorly conceived access plans.

Poor construction integration

With multiple contractors and construction disciplines trying to deliver their scope on the same infrastructure footprint.

Inefficient planning with significant costs

From replanning works to producing construction documentation such as site schematics and safe work packs, inefficiencies arise throughout the project.

Lack of Progress Clarity

Minimal interaction and communication cause conflict between key stakeholders including clients, sponsors. train & freight operating companies and other tier one contractors on the project.

Poor Record-keeping

Seen as another administrative burden, insufficient record-keeping can cause many problems along the way.

Ineffective Change Management

Troubles with contract transition that can impact the safe delivery of your work programme.

Our Experience and Future Vision

Over the past 5 years, we have been heavily focused on the upswing in UK electrification. However, with an expanding portfolio and client base with complex needs, we are now moving towards developing integrated planning and reporting systems, including our proprietary AxiPlan toolkit.

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Programme coming up? Onboard us to navigate it with maximum success. Find out how our services can support you.

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Programme coming up? Onboard us to navigate it with maximum success. Find out how our services can support you.

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